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How to use Lexify?

Video shows how to install Lexify, Vocabulary Builder extension from Chrome Web Store
Install Lexify from Chrome Webstore

Lexify is an extension.
Add it to your Chrome and continue browsing.
Instant hints on unknown words are click away.

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Video shows how to use Lexify while reading content
Rich your vocabulary as you consume content

No need to switch tabs or copy-paste words to the online dictionaries. Select the word and see Lexify in action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Translate and other bilingual translation services can be useful when you start working on your English vocabulary. However, translation doesn't allow you to immerse yourself in the language and, ultimately, it doesn't teach you the language. Lexify provides word meanings, synonyms, and alternative expressions, helping enrich your vocabulary and diversify your word choices. With Lexify you'll be able to extend your vocabulary with words you face with in your day-to-day content consumption.

Lexify is designed to be at one-click away every time you consume content online. Exposing yourself to a variety of texts, you can encounter new words and phrases in different contexts. Lexify instantly provides synonyms and definitions and enrich your vocabulary the most natural way. With constantly updating vocabulary, your communication and writing skills improve.

Yes. Lexify Chrome Extension is free to use.

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